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  • Feb 22 2017


    Why the food industry needs inventory visibility

    For management in the food industry, exercising control over stock and inventory can be an ongoing challenge without the right systems in place. Due to the fluctuations in stock caused by customer variables and perishable or wasted inventory, optimising your stock can prove an arduous task.This is why many large food businesses deploy costly, yet rigid, inventory management systems to meet their warehouse and stock control needs. However, even for big businesses, this is still an expensive and overly complicated solution, often forcing the organisation to fit into the framework of the system and not the other way around. In 2015, the total loss of revenue due to overstocked or out-of-stock items reached over US$1 trillion.Software that can be tailored for your businessThe right structured stock software should be one that is tailored to suit the needs and requirements of your business - not just in its current state, but as it evolves. Control over your inventory encourages growth, ensures that you consistently meet the needs of your customers, and boosts profitability and productivity. In short, a customisable inventory management system is the key to taking your business in the right direction. A large element of success in the food industry depends on visibility throughout the supply chain. When working with perishable gods or those with a short-shelf life, it's critical management are able to account for all goods at all times. Visibility, in this instance, leads to fewer stock losses due to mishandled or misplaced inventory. Ensuring your stock is kept at the required level is also crucial to the growth of your business. Meeting the demands of customers isn't exactly easy, and without a detailed and understandable overview of your inventory and supply, it can be difficult to project the ongoing needs of your business.  Warehousing software can help avoid stock wastage. According to RetailWire, in 2015 the total loss of revenue due to overstocked or out-of-stock items reached over US$1 trillion, with internal processes accounting for $284.9 billion of this - personnel issues were responsible for $259.1 billion.Take control of your stock with Advanced Business ManagerAt ABM, we believe control over your business is the first step to success. That's why we'd love to talk with you about how our software can fit into your business, and not the other way around. If you'd like to see what our powerful core accounting software and additional modules can offer you in providing control of your inventory, get in touch with our team today for a free demo. 

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  • Feb 20 2017


    Take control of your business with ABM software

    If you're looking to implement a fully-integrated, business-wide accounting solution, it's important that it's a fit for your industry. Without a firm understanding of how you do business, there's always the potential that investment in software won't provide the return you're searching for.At Advanced Business Manager, we believe this is the first step to any implementation process. We know our software is successful across a range of industries, but we want you to know whether or not it's right for you. If you want to manage accounting, production, order processing, inventory or a combination of all of these, our software can be tailored for even the most dynamic and unique companies.Greater control over how you do business brings with it a higher level of adaptability, and less chance of bottlenecks in your operations.Our software is designed to give you more control over your operations from all business perspectives, have confidence in making the right decisions and allow your business to grow in the direction you want it to.Greater control of every business aspectThe modern marketplace is competitive, and demands businesses stay at the top of their game. You may want to reduce costs, improve process efficiency or just streamline workflows.Greater control over how you do business brings with it high-level adaptability, and less chance of bottlenecks in your operations. Providing better access to services and products for your customers will lead to reduced operational costs and higher overall revenue, in turn allowing you to remain competitive.Tracking performance is also crucial. Seeing how your organisation functions in an easily understood manner will offer further control over the decisions you make. This can help you set and achieve targets, set realistic goals and make changes to your business with confidence. We want to help you make the right choices for your business. Our software can help you enhance business productivity while reducing ongoing costs, by identifying which processes work best under what conditions. We want to offer you more control over your business, not take it away. Want to know if ABM software is right for you? Reduce the time spent searching and find out straight away if ABM is right for you. Our solution providers are always available and can provide estimate costs over the phone.Whether you require a visit to your business premises so your stakeholders can be part of the conversation, or online from the comfort of your desk, we can provide demonstrations of our software no matter the situation.To start taking control of your business processes today, get in touch with the team at Advanced Business Manager for a free demo.

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  • Feb 10 2017


    Why wastage could be costing your company

    There are many vital areas of a company, but one of the most significant for managing growth and revenue is stock control. No matter your business, your inventory is not only the key to prosperity, but also a method of streamlining your business operations.This relates to active management of your company's stock, ensuring you aren't spending prodigiously in unnecessary areas, while maintaining an inventory that meets the wants and needs of your customers. Ultimately, it's about control - of your business and the direction it's.Waste not, want notFor the food and beverage industry, wastage is always a concern. Damaged or aged stock are of no use to either the business or customers, resulting in a loss on both sides.In 2011, Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand discarded 52 per cent of all fruits and vegetables.Research by Statista into the amount of food collectively wasted in Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand in 2011 found 52 per cent of all fruits and vegetables were thrown away unused.Across the four countries, 50 per cent of seafood, 22 per cent of meat and 20 per cent of milk were also discarded. Consider what structured stock software and greater control of inventory would mean to growth within your business, reducing the amount of wasted food while also putting it to better use.Fixing the links in the supply chainOne Swedish researcher, Kristina Liljestrand, has studied the impact of wasted food, and how improvements to logistics can help reduce the severity of the issue. In her dissertation, reports WellBeing, Liljestrand proposes nine improvements developed during her research into producers, wholesalers and retailers.She stresses collaboration between all members of the food supply chain (FSC), and focuses on two key aspects of the FSC that can affect the environmental impact of an established logistics system.These are:FSC variables including shelf life, temperature monitoring and specific food characteristics, which help create conditions for an agile logistics system.Performance variables such as requirements around lead times and flexibility, of which both can conflict with the FSC party's ability to reduce environmental impact. How much food is going to waste due to improper stock management? Try our free demo - in person, or onlineAdvanced Business Manager is comprised of a core accounting system that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business with additional add-on modules.Nobody knows your business better than you do - so we would be delighted to discuss our software in more depth and see if it is a fit for your company. We offer a no-obligation demonstration, available by contacting our expert team today.

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  • Feb 1 2017


    The importance of adaptable business software

    As Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, once said: "The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."In almost every facet of our daily lives, automation has started to shine. The rebirth of the electric car, the evolution of the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence finding mainstream traction in the form of personal assistants on our smartphones have all become increasingly commonplace in the last 12 months. But are we any more efficient than before?Technology and automation allow even the most niche of businesses to flourish in the physical and digital marketplace.Sculpting software around the needs of your businessWith both efficiency and automation touted as the reward and answer to business concerns respectively, 2017 will reveal the crucial third part of the equation: Adaptability.Business processes, markets and products are more diverse than ever. We can now buy almost anything online, instantly, and have it delivered to our door.It makes sense to recognise the importance of support software that adapts to your business, and not the other way round. With technology and automation allowing even the most niche of businesses to flourish in the physical and digital marketplace, framework and management software needs to offer a scalable and customisable solution. Automation will be key to accelerating growth within your business. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and a Warehouse Management System (WMS) are two crucial elements of this overall solution, but are vitally overlooked as the global marketplace becomes both automated and strives for efficiency. Including the optional Mobile Warehouse Management module to accompany our base accounting software, ERP/WMS is a key tool for solving the issues around inventory management, dispatch and transfer.Manage your inventory and customer needs simultaneously ASPluris streamlines purchase orders, shipments, pallet storage and dispatch consolidations to name just a few of its features. As a mobile solution that integrates seamlessly with Wi-Fi, 3G+ and GPRS, you can be assured that whether you're on the shop floor, in the warehouse or out delivering items to customers, you'll always be connected to your enterprise management system.Running on a handheld data-capture device or tablet with barcode and RFID capabilities, ASPluris is the perfect logistics, inventory and customer relationship management system to help your business achieve greater efficiency in 2017.If you want to learn more about our fully scalable and customisable industry solutions, get in touch with the team at Advanced Business Manager today, or try out our free demo.

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