3 tips for boosting business productivity

There are few business leaders who wouldn’t cite boosting productivity levels as one of their main organisational goals. Productivity is what propels profitability. Yet, the formula to maximise efficiency is no easy code to crack.

From management styles to production processes, there are dozens of moving parts that contribute to productivity in a business. So, how should leaders approach the improvement process? Let’s take a look at three key ways businesses can improve productivity fast.

Assess your current situation

The path to improvement always begins with a thorough evaluation of your current state. Leaders looking to improve productivity levels should conduct an assessment of their current situation.

Where is productivity the strongest, which departments could use some work? Does your improvement plan require major investments or a couple of minor tweaks? Understanding your baseline will help you and your team get a better feel of how much work needs to be done and allow you to set the necessary goals.

Streamline your processes

Low levels of productivity are often a result of inefficient processes. In the modern business world, effective systems are often tied to technology. By leveraging business management software, organisations can free up valuable resources as these platforms will automate many time consuming tasks.

Advanced Business Manager (ABM) can help companies improve their productivity by streamlining core functions such as inventory management and project invoicing.

Improve your time management

One of the biggest enemies of productivity is poor time management. A 2014 study by Financial Planning Association Research & Practice Institute found that a mere 13 per cent of professionals felt completely in control of their time. The respondents who felt in control of their work hours held 50 more client meetings annually than those who did not – indicating considerably higher levels of productivity.

For leaders looking to improve productivity levels, implementing better time management strategies may just be the answer. ABM’s Time Management System allows management to control various functions in a much more efficient manner.

ABM is here to help

ABM’s various management softwares were created with productivity in mind. Our solutions provide businesses with a simple and adaptable platform for a variety of core business functions. To see what ABM has to offer you, try our free demo today!

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