The General/Nominal Ledger is the hub of your accounting system, providing you with accurate and up to date information at your fingertips. Each general ledger account can be analysed in one or two dimensions, using sub-accounts to control your finances by department, cost centre, and so on.

Budget Wizard
Start the budgeting wizard and choose which area of the budget you will work on, ABM then interrogates the database for all the relevant information, which is then produced in an Excel spreadsheet. You are then free to use Excel tools to calculate and adjust as needed, with one-click importing to update budgets back in to ABM.

Project Costing
This allows the user to setup a list of titles for internal projects and then allocates ledger transactions to those projects. Costs for each project can be sent to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Up-to-date information
As you enter new data, ABM automatically updates the General/Nominal Ledger. You can print reports at any time for an accurate picture of your company's financial position.

Flexible accounting periods
ABM handles up to 13 user-defined accounting periods per year, allowing you to post transactions and adjustments into previous periods. Detailed histories may be held for as long as you wish, and any account in any period can be accessed.

Create cost centres or departments as needed, setup your financial structure as preferred and store unique information for each ledger account.

ABM reduces time spent on a business’s financials by creating automatic procedures such as posting of variance due to currency fluctuations, tracking of committed funds (such as overheads) and processing business expenses when due, after the initial setup.

ABM also handles...

  • standing journals
  • cheque printing and electronic payments
  • BAS/GST/VAT returns
  • reconciliation reports for each subsidiary ledger
  • accruals
  • profit & loss statements and balance sheets

Like to see how ABM could work for you? Then contact us and let a solution provider demonstrate the features most relevant to your business.