Quick POS (Point of Sale) is a simple, yet intuitive, sales entry system. Linked directly to the general ledger, the system allows entries with full accounting integration and transaction posting. Quick POS connects to strip printers, cash drawers and has full access to stock and customer information within the accounting system.

Customers enjoy flexible payment options from cash, card, cheque or account. Customer can pay off existing accounts through the POS system or be updated on outstanding balances.

Linked directly to ABM's stock control, Quick POS has full access to stock availability, lead times, reservations, barcodes and other stock control options. Sales ordered without availability is directly sent to ABM's sale order management, where it is then tracked from supplier to customer.

Setup and print invoices or quotes through the Quick POS system with speed and ease.

Sales and reconciliation
End of day reconciliation made easier with spreadsheet reporting as well as a list of the day's transaction for sales queries.

With full integration, reporting is available by a day's or year's sales and all periods in between through ABM's extensive reporting capabilities.

ABM also handles...

  • barcodes with weights
  • pole displays
  • cash drawer password protection
  • reprinting receipts
  • sale cancel confirmation
  • Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) for Australia

Like to see how ABM could work for you? Then contact us and let a solution provider demonstrate the features most relevant to your business.