Effortless Management of Complex Stock

ABM Structured Stock module caters for businesses whose stock fits within the Style/Colour/Size model. For example a specific product type, such as a shoe, is referred to as a Style. This product can then be stocked under many colours, sizes or user-defined attributes, allowing the module to cater for a range of industries with segmented stock structures or service offerings.

In the module, a “Style” is represented in a spreadsheet like grid called a matrix. Each Style is broken down into multiple stock items represented by the intersection of product attributes, such as colours and sizes.

Improve your...

  • stock organisation and classifications
  • monitoring of segmented stock levels
  • reporting and analysis on product ranges
  • handling of sales and purchases of segmented stock


Flexible structure
User-defined attributes allow for a range of products to be characterised, providing users the flexibility to recognise stock as accustomed too. Users can also decide to organise services into attributes such as personnel and region, for greater tracking of individual performance.

Stock organisation
When entering new stock users have the option of choosing whether to segment it or keep it as standard. The stock can be issued to particular attributes, an attribute range or groups with ease, and automatically assigned individual bar-codes. This provides a smooth handling environment for complex stock structures.

Segmented product viewer
Monitor your stock levels, sales data and transactions by master product or by attribute through the product viewer. See which attribute is most or least desirable, use this information to maintain efficient stock levels and control supplier costs.

Improved sales and purchase entry
The matrix style of stock organisation applies to all sale and purchase modes, including quotes, orders, invoices, returns and credits. This allows the user to pick stock for a sale with relevant information displayed such as stock status, previous customer history and prices, while purchases of particular stock are made easier with storage maximums displayed.

Reach a whole new depth of product reporting by combining the range of ABM’s reporting capabilities with the segmented structure of your stock. Go beyond monitoring performance of your general products and find out which specific product attribute profits.
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