Full Tracking and Management of Assets in Your Business

ABM’s Asset Management provides you with comprehensive tracking of all assets within your business. Simple yet flexible are basic concepts of the system, allowing you to free your time and resources. With our asset management software, asset inventory management has never been easier.

The software has a great deal of flexibility which remains simple to operate and caters for many different types and combinations of assets, with extensive reporting and costing options available. It also features a fully integrated lease module to manage various types of leases from Finance, Operating to Hire Purchases.

Manage your assets with...

  • fast, user-friendly, control
  • flexible depreciation methods
  • detailed audit trails, history and cost tracking
  • convenient lease scheduling
  • multi-company tracking
  • comprehensive reporting


Simple centralised control
Assets are maintained via a single entry screen, with purchases, disposals, transfers, revaluations, service history, leasing and general maintenance all performed in one central location. The central screen provides view and print options for both book and tax balances, as well as a complete history of entries.

Multiple depreciation options
Depreciation runs can be done at any time, allowing daily through to annual depreciation intervals. Depreciation can be processed or reversed for specific assets, selected categories or all assets with a variety of methods, and includes the ability to separate calculations of book values and tax.

Maintenance history and budgets
The maintenance history provides a record of an asset’s processes and costs, with maintenance budgets available for controlling expenditure. Service work orders can be printed and documents can be attached for reference, with reminders able to be set for each service item.

Leasing schedule
The leasing feature has definable schedules which use Finance, Operating or Hire Purchase leasing methods depending on the asset contract. Cost can then be dissected for interest, stamp duty and executor costs, with detailed reporting available for managing cost.

Asset tracking - issues and returns
The issue function allows issuing of assets to employees and the processing of their returns. Each time an issue is processed, a history record is stored against the asset. Issued assets can also be transferred in bulk to another employee for faster processing.

Comprehensive search and lookups
A filter option allows you to search for specific assets. You can enter details in a combination of fields and apply the filter to get a short list of assets that match, which may then be exported for use in Microsoft Excel or Word.

Reporting and charts
With a range of reports available, grouped by location, department and category, users can effectively keep track of asset costs, productivity and more. A report job stream is also available to allow batches of reports to be run automatically by week, month or defined intervals.

Other features

  • Link sales to assets
  • Capital expenditure tracking
  • Partial sale of assets
  • Asset pooling with accelerated depreciation
  • Record images, serial numbers, barcodes, insurance and warranty details
  • Barcode/PDA based stocktakes, issues and returns

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