The future of Logistics

Logistics has always been essential to the supply chain. Once a hidden industry of service, it is now a topic for highly notable news stories from package delivery delays, congested ports, or what Amazon is doing next. Yet, as the heart of the supply chain, logistics is transforming an industry with third party logistics, or 3PLs warehouses at the epi-center.

As the lifeline for many of their customers’ businesses, 3PLs keep the flow of the supply chain running. They help businesses through disruptions and evolve new selling channels. 3PLs also advance their own businesses and fulfillment channels to meet the needs of their growing customer base. It is also a space for innovation and new technology.

Whether it’s through process automation, customer-centric fulfillment strategies, change management, or re-evaluated fulfillment networks, 3PLs are transforming the way consumers receive goods. For 3PL warehouses looking to drive innovation, build a profitable business, and accelerate change—the time is now. With a rapidly shifting marketplace, 3PLs have an opportunity to make 2023 more inventive than ever.

Shipping accounts for the majority of the world’s logistics, a trillion dollar industry in a global economy.

warehouse management system (WMS) software topped the list of most implemented technology for 3PLs at 84% in the Third-Party Logistics Benchmark Report. The top reason for implementing a WMS was the need for real-time inventory tracking and management (81%). Leveraging WMS technology isn’t new or a surprise for those looking to enhance operational prowess—including real-time inventory visibility, efficiency, order accuracy, reporting, labor productivity, automated billing, and more. Yet, there seems to be a digital transformation within the supply chain towards cloud-based technology.

While cloud-based warehouse management systems are not new to the marketplace, there is an anticipated increase in the WMS market due to consumer demand and ecommerce trends.

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